Our mission is to provide quality freight services to our customers can’t help but come back for more.

It’s ambitious, but we achieve it by:

  • Communicating what the customer wants, clearly and regularly
  • Being polite and honest
  • Using the phone when something important needs to be relayed
  • Bringing energy
  • Always looking for the solution, not the problem
  • Finding ways to do a job well
  • Saying no to things we can’t do (difficult but important)
  • Providing value for an excellent service
  • Understanding the client – listening and building relationships
  • Being proud of having high standards
  • Strengthening the abilities of our staff through ongoing training and mentoring
  • Caring more

When it comes to meeting our clients’ promises, nothing stands in our way

That’s a bold statement. So how do we make sure we meet it and can keep meeting it?

Simply, in everything we do, we communicate strongly, keep things simple and always seek to improve. It’s basic and that’s why it works. Behind the scenes we’re a buzz of activity, working diligently for you, following processes developed through Kaizen. A desire to provide the best customer service is at the forefront of everything we do, and this is reflected in a high quality, thoughtful and reliable service to all our customers.

Our Values

Our values form the heart of our company and reflect our actions purely. They are:


We want our company to excel in everything we do, and we recruit carefully to make sure all our staff have the same drive. It’s resulted in a consistently terrific and professional team that are always happy to go above and beyond.


Doing the right thing, even when no-one’s looking. Good leadership is core to our success, and we strive to be leaders  our staff want to mirror.


Working as a team is incredibly important to us. We’re fair and equal with each other, helping and supporting where needed to get the job done. It’s a vital part of what makes Jordon tick.

Continuous Improvement

The only way to survive in a competitive industry is to continue to improve. Everything must keep moving forwards – there’s no stationary because everything moves around you. We studied The Toyota Way and various other Kaizen methods to introduce continuous improvement into our culture. Without this key component we would not be where we are now.

“I am so pleased with the service so far! You guys will be my ‘go to’ now.”
N, Food Manufacturing Industry
“Our move to Jordon Freight was an inspired one as we have found their service and staff professional and excellent throughout.”
PH, Luxury Décor Company