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Road freight prices continue to surge unabated


Its no secret that road freight prices have been increasing steadily over recent times due to driver shortages and we’ve written about it extensively over the past few years. Now though it’s...

GVMS Border Guide v2 released


The new release from HMRC provides information including the following points : • GMR requirements for empty units not under a transport contract • Key points to follow when Importing...

Industry magazine Fleetpoint talks to Jordon about current border frustrations


Apologies, I know we're at risk of boring people about the problems being experienced at the border, but it's news that isn't on the news that we predicted back in 2016. So we feel a...

The Independent talks to Jordon about the new border controls


After one week GVMS problems continue to blight inbound freight. We are no exception as customs controls kept two of our trailers under review for four days, released only last night. These are...

Where will the GVMS creaky start lead us next?


Where will the GVMS creaky start lead us next? If you’ve been following social media channels you’ll see transport operators across Europe and the UK seething about delays at borders as...

Border Operating Model v4 Released


Today HMG has released v4 of the Border Operating Model.  BIFA have accompanied it's release with the following statement to its members detailing changes that can be expected inside the...

Cabinet Office ‘The Short Straits’ technical webinar slide pack released


As we head towards January 1st 2022, there is a real freeling of deja vu as we go through border protocols again.  However, changes are ahead as full import controls come into effect, which...


Freeports – Hot Stuff or Hot Air?


Freeports, the post-Brexit panacea – coming soon to Teeside, London Gateway, Liverpool City Region, Humber, Felixstowe (that’s us), Southampton, Plymouth and East Midlands Airport...

Exporters bear the brunt of what’s to come for importers


On January 1st 2021, everything changed for those trading with the EU.  Whilst importers have had a relatively easy ride so far (see end), exporters were left with an immediate hard border...

New EU/UK customs service launched for 2021


If you need a blistering fast, friendly and efficient customs service for your EU goods, look no further. On January 1st 2021 we launched our EU/UK Customs Service, working in tandem and also...

Reuters visit showed how under pressure businesses are


On Friday 29th January, Reuters, the international news agency, visited the Jordon office to see how things were going since the end of the transition period.  As you may have noticed we haven...

Reuters talks to Jordon about the sudden stockpiling panic


Exclusive: UK delivery prices jump ahead of Brexit cliff edge as firms rush to stockpile By Kate Holton 4 MIN READ LONDON (Reuters) - British businesses are...

Kent Access Permit (Kermit) is in the wild


We're getting closer! News today of what documents will be required to enter Kent (I know, sounds crazy just saying it) have been released together with the practice Kent Access Permit...

Here is the GVMS system. Now we need the GVMS system.


The much touted but non-existant Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS), desigtned to co-ordinate the many thousands of trucks a day entering and exiting the UK, will not be ready for 01.01.21...

EC Commision ‘Brexit Readiness Checklist’ for your EU partners


As most of our communication is with UK clients, we have noticed a considerable void in understanding the requirements business partners in the EU will have to do.  They should be aware of...

NEW – HMRC letter to VAT registered traders (Brexit)


As we gather pace hurtling towards 01.01.21 HMRC issued today latest guidance for companies trading with the EU.  You should receive this if you are VAT registered but we make available here...

Institute of Export – Border Operating Model Webinar incl. Slides


h The Institute of Export held their first webinar concerbing the new Border Operating Model. With analysis of the government document they managed to condense key points into an hour long...

Border Operating Model finally released…well, some of it.


Thayngen Border, Switzerland.  customs x-ray machine for smugglers goods. Border Operating Model - Industry Event Here is the Border operating Model paper (above).  Not a minute too...

Jordon talks with Bloomberg about tackling the looming Brexit end game during lockdown


We spoke with Joe Mayes from Bloomberg News recently about how Brexit preparations have stalled due to the lockdown and whether companies can actually face another impact so soon after the COVID...

RHA issues new Brexit Operator Checklist 2020


As things are becoming clearer for companies that trade with Europe it now falls on hauliers to consider what they need to have in place to keep the wheels turning, and of course the goods...

Brexit Day finally arrives – but what happens next?


A recent information release was sent to customers ahead of this historic day.  Whether it's a good historic day or a bad historic day of course depends on what side of the fence you sit on...

ELECTION: Boris wins big, and now a good FTA with the EU must be struck


Well there it is, Boris Johhnson crushes all in his path as the country votes overwhelmingly either for Johnson, or against Corbyn, you decide.  Whichever, the result is Brexit is back on and...

Lloyds article: Forwarders ‘fatigued’ from prolonged Brexit process


Every now and again something comes along that makes you happy that it's all worthwhile.  We've been so invested in helping clients, and ourselves, get through Brexit you forget that sometimes...

Jordon Director, Jon Swallow addresses Brexit at The Chamber of Commerce


   Article written by Jon Swallow, Director, Jordon Having spent the last three years studying Brexit and trying to understand its implications in the context of our business and industry...