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GVMS Enhancements Update Released


As the GVMS system matures enhancements and updates are released.  Please find video and presentation issued by HMRC recently which covers: • GVMS enhancements for R1.2 • Walkthrough...

What is Postponed VAT accounting and should I use it?


Most of our clients ask us to use postponed VAT accounting when we're processing their customs declarations, having talked through the pros and cons with them so they get a full understanding...



We decided to push out some documents to help drivers and hauliers navigate the forthcoming end of transition period, and thereafter.  We haven't fancied up the GVMS and Kent Access Permit...

French Customs Smart Border Webinar (In English) – ESSENTIAL VIEWING – 03.12.20


Many people have been asking where to find this video webinar the French Customs held regarding how their Smart Border worked.  We present it here as essential viewing for those considering this...

GVMS Webinar 2 for Hauliers (slides only)  

Eurotunnel issues key border documents for 01.01.21


Eurotunnel issued recently two presentation docoments illustrating how they will be tackling the forthcoming end of transition period. The 'Be Ready For Border Crossing' presentation shows in...

Kent Access Permit (Kermit) is in the wild


We're getting closer! News today of what documents will be required to enter Kent (I know, sounds crazy just saying it) have been released together with the practice Kent Access Permit...

Border Operating Model 2 announced


The new muchly anticipated border operating model 2 has entered the wild.  This can be seen as an incremental upgrade to version 1, showing further detail of how goods will move between the UK...

Here is the GVMS system. Now we need the GVMS system.


The much touted but non-existant Goods Vehicle Movement System (GVMS), desigtned to co-ordinate the many thousands of trucks a day entering and exiting the UK, will not be ready for 01.01.21...

EC Commision ‘Brexit Readiness Checklist’ for your EU partners


As most of our communication is with UK clients, we have noticed a considerable void in understanding the requirements business partners in the EU will have to do.  They should be aware of...

NEW – HMRC letter to VAT registered traders (Brexit)


As we gather pace hurtling towards 01.01.21 HMRC issued today latest guidance for companies trading with the EU.  You should receive this if you are VAT registered but we make available here...

Border Operating Model finally released…well, some of it.


Thayngen Border, Switzerland.  customs x-ray machine for smugglers goods. Border Operating Model - Industry Event Here is the Border operating Model paper (above).  Not a minute too...

RHA issues new Brexit Operator Checklist 2020


As things are becoming clearer for companies that trade with Europe it now falls on hauliers to consider what they need to have in place to keep the wheels turning, and of course the goods...

Latest update from HMRC issued to VAT registered companies 20/1/20


Letter_to_VAT-registered_traders_in_Great_Britain_about_leaving_the_EU_-_January_2020 HMRC issued last week a letter to all VAT registered companies advising on how to prepare for 01.01.21...

Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport – Brexit Training


Fresh from the webinar we can show you the supporting documentation which could help as we prepare for the next phase of Brexit. We have firstly the actual slides that accompanied the...

British Chamber of Commerce issue new Brexit guidance


As members of the British Chamber of Commerce we work closely with their advisors locally in a recipricol manner.  This has been even more apparent recently when we've been active on national...

Brexit Export Business Scenario (EU Commission Document)


Here we're clarifying the export procedure which as we discussed in our videos appears straightforward on paper, but requires a lot more preparation than the import process. brexit-export...

New haulier guidelines issued for transporting goods EU/UK post-Brexit


Hot new guidelines have been issued for hauliers transporting goods between UK and EU after Brexit. transporting-goods-between-the-uk-and-eu-in-a-no-deal-brexit-guidance-for-hauliers...

HMG issue EORI mythbuster advice


Brexit, Brexit, read all about it... HM Government has issued today advice for the first step a company should do to prepare, obtain an EORI number. Let's have a look EORI_mythbuster There...

Brexit Preparation Refresh (D1ND) updated 23.08.19


Good morning, Europe, all of us together still, thankfully. So here we go, 10 weeks away from a historic or catastrophic, whichever way you sway, Day 1 No deal (D1ND). As we follow...

Day One, No Deal (D1ND) RoRo Business Requirements (Imports) – HMG issue 12.08.19


Hello hello, it's been too long. With less than 3 months to go, Brexit no-deal limps closer and closer like an extra from the Walking Dead (you know it's going to eat you when it gets here...

HMRC issues Ro/Ro toolkits ahead of Brexit deadlines


This is the week we were meant to leave.  This was also the week that it seemed many businesses, ports, HMRC, were not ready.  So thankfully there's a postponement whilst everyone suddenly gets...

Jordon issues Brexit “no-deal” awareness paper


Jordon today, 14th January 2019, issued advice in it's twelve page document to customers importing and exporting goods between the UK and EU. The document focuses on a "no deal" scenario...