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French Customs Smart Border Webinar (In English) – ESSENTIAL VIEWING – 03.12.20


Many people have been asking where to find this video webinar the French Customs held regarding how their Smart Border worked.  We present it here as essential viewing for those considering this...

GVMS Webinar 2 for Hauliers (slides only)  

GVMS Haulier Webinar 1 (visual only)


Here at Jordon we've just been watching the HMRC presentation of the incoming GVMS (Goods Vehicle Movement System).  We recorded for training purposes and you can find it at Jordon TV on...

Euronews talks Brexit at the Jordon offices


On a hot August day Luke Hanrahhan of Euronews, a European based news agency, came on a flying visit to discuss the latest developments and thoughts on the status of preparation as we head towards...

See the Jordon TV Brexit advice center trailer here


Jordon TV, our Brexit advice centre, takes an election break before re-igniting with more news and information on how to keep your goods moving after Brexit. See the new trailer here. https...

Brexit Vlog 5 – The final in the Brexit series is released


It started as an informative and light hearted lead up to whatever deal we would end up with on 31st October, but in the end the can was kicked down the road and a General Election was announced...

Brexit vlog 4 released – 26.10.19


We're venting our Brexit frustrations in a humerous vlog 4 as not much has happened to move things forward, so we sit idly by and wait for HMG to provide some substance to Brexit.  Since this vlog...

Jordon TV – New Brexit Vlog – 12.10.19


Here we are with another light-hearted but informative view on the developments and issues surrounding Brexit for our industry. 15.10.19 - NEWS - TSP auto-enrolement is live, deferment...

Jordon TV – New Brexit preparation Vlog – 03.10.19


Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, talks informally about Brexit preparation developments in a new Vlog which follows on from the previous three Essentials, Import Flow and Export Flow If you've...

NEW – No-Deal Brexit Help Videos Here


As we approach Brexits 31st October deadline it's becoming clearer how things will work. For most people that have still not prepared we have produced some really basic videos that show essential...

Jordon discusses Brexit on ITV News


In the same week as BBC Newsnight came to our office we also had ITV News visit to hear our thoughts on the impending no-deal scenario. Chaos of course is the word people try and avoid, but we know...

Jordon discusses Brexit on BBC Newsnight

We've had a lot of media interest in the run up to Brexit with but the highlight was a feature for BBC Newsnight, a much admired news institution in the UK. Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, who has...