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Importers Subsidising Shortfall In The Common User Charge (CUC)

The Common User Charge In our last article we explained the introduction of new controls on High, Medium and Low risk products of animal & plant origin goods entering the UK. We also explained that some products will have a Common User Charge (CUC) applied and sicussed the running costs of Border Control Posts. Already […]

Meat and fish produce that will be impacted by new stringent border checks on EU animal and plant products, starting April 30th 2024 and is causing a lot of concern for importers and port operators.

Checkmate – Port Operators And Importers Dread New Brexit Border Checks

what’s occurring? Today, the 30th April 2024, we see the implementation of the second and most feared phase of the UK’s much delayed border checks. Physical checks on products of animal and plant origin. Importers are struggling to come to terms with the reality that after five delays, these checks have finally arrived. However, port […]


why are there new border controls? The food and drink industry are bracing themselves for new brexit border checks on fresh food from the EU such as meat and dairy at the end of this January 2024. This is part of a phased system where the import of animals (and products thereof), food and plants […]

Regime 42 – Is It The Post Brexit Solution For UK Exporters?

Many forwarders, ourselves included, offer a service for exporters to the EU called Regime 42. It was originally a little known EU rule which some time previously was known as Onward Supply Relief (OSR). This was given bad exposure a few years ago when a £2.3b case was brought by the EU to the UK […]

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Post-Brexit import controls face delays yet again

UK ministers are poised to announce an additional postponement of post-Brexit border controls for animal and plant products coming from the EU. The reason behind this delay is the concern that increased bureaucracy on imported goods might exacerbate inflation. The decision to push back the implementation of the new import regime, initially scheduled for October, […]

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New Import Checks In October Threaten To Cause Havoc

The UK governments range of new import control measures are nearing as we close in on their introduction in October 2023. These measures are designed to ensure that goods imported into the UK meet the necessary standards and regulations (we leave this as no comment…for now). These new measures will cover a wide range of […]

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CDS FAQ v2.1 – October Update

Welcome all those interested in CDS, you must be crazy but glad you’re here! So HMRC have released their latest October update v2.1 which addresses a lot of questions people have been asking, shown either as a new itme or an updated item. And there’s quite alot of updates so if you’re feeling brave and/or […]


HMRC CDS Q&A v2 released

CDS is edging closer and you may have seen our recent CDS bulletin showing the key dates we should be aware of. Those being: 30th September 2022 – Import declarations close for CHIEF 31st March 2023 – Export declarations close for CHIEF In the past 24 hours HMRC have released a revised version of their […]

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CDS News Update – CHIEF Extension Period Implemented

Hello all, A quick CDS update where below is the latest bulletin to our clients which shows some pertinent information about the readiness of CDS. We have been in the industry meetings many times and its too late now to say how it will go. Thankfully there is a temporary failsafe which we believe is […]

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CDS LIVE – FAQ – September 2022 Update

As we enter the first week of CDS in a fully live environment HMRC has recently released an updated FAQ. Inside the document you can find additional guidance on all aspects of the CDS service and the declaration submission process. CDS FAQ – Sept 2022 Update If there’s anything not included that you need to […]