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Importers Subsidising Shortfall In The Common User Charge (CUC)

The Common User Charge In our last article we explained the introduction of new controls on High, Medium and Low risk products of animal & plant origin goods entering the UK. We also explained that some products will have a Common User Charge (CUC) applied and sicussed the running costs of Border Control Posts. Already […]

An aeroplane ascending into a sunset sky and soaring above a stack of colourful shipping containers, highlighting the success of using expert customs brokers for efficient and seamless freight solutions.

Simplifying International Freight: The Value Of Expert Customs Brokers

Many businesses offering physical goods or services typically start locally, addressing a specific customer need in their area. If successful, they often progress to a national level, capitalising on a broader client base. While financial resources and operational capacity may be the primary hurdles to national expansion, venturing into the international arena presents additional challenges […]

An aerial view of a bustling port with rows of colourful containers and a docked cargo ship, exemplifying the complex operations where freight forwarding specialists provide essential industry expertise.

Industry Expertise: Why You Need A Freight Forwarding Specialist

For many businesses that sell products direct to customers both nationally and internationally, freight shipping is an absolutely essential part of operations. And yet shipping can often be daunting, throwing up multiple obstacles. Dealing with freight issues, often at distance, sometimes in other languages and when complying with complex bureaucracy, can present a big challenge […]

German Maut Increase Brings No Festive Cheer

On December 1st 2023 the German-LKW Maut tolling scheme is set to change. This will bring price increases for hauliers using vehicles within Germany or transiting through German roads. What is the Maut? The German Maut is a tolling scheme which was introduced in 2005 to finance and maintain Germany’s extensive road infrastructure. In particular […]

The Jordon Team land in Shanghai for the JCTrans Global Forwarders Conference

In a connected world, strong international partnerships are crucial to the success of any freight forwarding business. Our commitment to global collaboration was excellently demonstrated this year, as our Sea Freight team, represented by Steve and Luisa, flew to the vibrant city of Shanghai for the 14th JCTrans Global Freight Forwarders Conference. Steve and Luisa’s […]