German Maut Increase Brings No Festive Cheer

On December 1st 2023 the German-LKW Maut tolling scheme is set to change. This will bring price increases for hauliers using vehicles within Germany or transiting through German roads. What is the Maut? The German Maut is a tolling scheme which was introduced in 2005 to finance and maintain Germany’s extensive road infrastructure. In particular […]

The Jordon Team land in Shanghai for the JCTrans Global Forwarders Conference

In a connected world, strong international partnerships are crucial to the success of any freight forwarding business. Our commitment to global collaboration was excellently demonstrated this year, as our Sea Freight team, represented by Steve and Luisa, flew to the vibrant city of Shanghai for the 14th JCTrans Global Freight Forwarders Conference. Steve and Luisa’s […]

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Driving Change: The Expansion of the EU’s Emission Trading System

Transportation is a vital component of modern life, enabling the movement of people and goods across the European Union (EU) and contributing significantly to the region’s economic growth. However, the environmental costs associated with transportation, particularly greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, have become increasingly evident. To combat climate change and reduce emissions from the transportation sector, […]

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Be careful when switching from trailer to container – a brief guide

In the complex world of international freight transport, business needs can evolve quickly. You may have built a successful logistics operation around moving your goods on trailers throughout continental Europe. But now, you’re considering a change — shifting to shipping containers. This move can often be prompted by cheaper cost if you’re goods aren’t urgent, […]

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New Import Checks In October Threaten To Cause Havoc

The UK governments range of new import control measures are nearing as we close in on their introduction in October 2023. These measures are designed to ensure that goods imported into the UK meet the necessary standards and regulations (we leave this as no comment…for now). These new measures will cover a wide range of […]

super-sized lorries given the green light in the uk

Super-sized lorries given the green light in the UK

The UK Government has given the green light for longer lorries to operate fully on Great Britain’s roads, despite concerns that this could lead to an increase in fatal road accidents. The Department for Transport (DfT) announced legislation this Wednesday that from the end of May, these supertrucks up to 18.55 meters long, which is […]