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About Jordon

At Jordon, we operate an unrivalled on-demand road fleet from our head office here in Felixstowe for safe delivery of full and part loads across Europe and the UK.

But here’s where we’re different, and how we have the capacity to meet your promises every time – our huge fleet is formed of a flexible, responsive technology driven network of carefully selected, quality approved hauliers, ready and waiting to uplift your cargo.

Controlling this network across Europe is our expert team, so you know you’re always in safe hands. They’re efficient, experienced and helpful and will keep you informed of your shipments progress, every step of the way.

Jordon guarantees that when it comes to meeting your promises, nothing stands in our way – we go through it all to get consignments there on time, intact and at the right price.

You can find out more about us by following us on social media or by contacting us here.

"Working with Jordon is an absolute pleasure! The team are dedicated to providing the highest customer service and keep us regularly updated at every stage. Jordon learn your business and grow with it building a great relationship over the years!"

SB, Automotive Customer

Our values

Jordon has built its business around the core concept that:

‘When it comes to meeting our clients’ promises, nothing stands in our way’

That’s a bold statement. So how do we make sure we can meet it?

In everything we do, we are continually seeking to improve. Whether it’s our service, our practices or ourselves.

We utilise management systems like Kaizen to do this, not just at a senior level, but throughout the company. This enables us to provide a high quality, thoughtful and reliable service to all our customers.

Our Mission

Our mission is “to provide such an exceptional service our customers can’t help but come back for more”. It’s a bold statement but here’s how we will achieve this :

  • Using regular customer feedback to continuously improve our business from top to bottom.
  • Consistently meeting customers’ requirements for quality, service and price.
  • Building long-term relationships with our suppliers to ensure constant high standards for our customers.
  • Strengthening the abilities of our staff through ongoing training and mentoring.
  • Always providing more energy, commitment, flexibility and customer care than our competitors.

Our Values

Our values form the heart of our company and reflect our actions purely.  They are:




Continuous Improvement

Our story

Relax for a moment to read our story as written by Director Jon Swallow.

“We were two young men with a real passion for the industry, who in the early 90’s began to consider how to make the customer service experience better.  Unfortunately being a small cog in a big wheel we were unable to push through our suggestions and consequently frustration began to creep in.  There had to be another way we thought.  And in a colourful roaring climax there was.

In August 1999 in a desperate leap of faith and with little preparation, Jordon Freight was born.  Setting up in a tiny room in a pub in Framlingham, Suffolk (home of Ed Sheeran no less) the name Jordon was frantically scribbled in 5 mins as an anagram of Jon & Rod and the logo artistically drawn on an A4 pad.  As the bank manager finally, after much persuasion, agreed to open an account for us excitement took hold as the doors opened, the phones rang and we began to trade.

Finally we had a chance to show customers how we felt they should be treated.  We also had a chance to create a company where we wanted to come to work and hopefully one day others would too.

We knew between us that teamwork would be our first value.

Business was brisk for the first 3 years, even after a setback in year two which nearly ruined the company.  But there was something missing which we were yet to realise.  We were only a lifestyle business.

The turning point came at Xmas 2002 when we thought, what are we doing?  Who do we want to be?  So we created a vision of a high energy, professional, customer focused company and made the decision to go for it.  Straight from school we had entered the transport industry but in this time we gleamed no experience of high level business practices.  And so a complicated journey of trial and painful errors began, learning and analysing how great businesses work.  As the wheels turned and sales increased a real structure began to take place.

Now dedicated to lifelong learning, Continuous Improvement (Kaizen) became another of our values.

Over time our customers, suppliers and staff became like one big family.  The challenge though was to maintain the high standards and the close relationships as the company grew.  We knew we always had to strive to provide the best service, every single time.  Nothing less would do.

Excellence, although can be construed as a bit of a weasel word, was implemented as a value to focus the mind on not settling for second best.  In the end it turned into a very important value throughout the company.

In 2010 mid-recession, trading conditions were tough, but sales were still growing and we decided now was an opportunity to professionalize our business further.  With experience now to draw from we embarked on a re-brand, drafted a new strategic plan and made a complete overhaul of our working methods, which has brought steady growth to this day.

In 2021 Jordon began entering an exciting new phase as we began implementing a massive IT upgrade to accomodate the interlinking of customs and European Transport. Our focus was clear, to utilise maximum technological advances to move our customers performance forward, whilst retaining our people to people relationships we are so well known for.

Having seen technology change offices over the years we see that in a more connected world than ever customer relationships can, paradoxically feel more distant than ever. With such fantastic staff who are all people people, we buck the trend. Connecting with our customers and suppliers is and always will be our business. With continued use of the ordinary phone and also incorporating the latest technology such as client side asset tracking, data management and AI driven operational software, and of course the usual electronic communication methods, we aim to set the bar high in order to transform your business and accelerate its performance.

We must be clear though, no amount of technology can compensate for true personal engagement with ethical and honest people you trust, simply there to provide exceptional service for you and your business. This we will not compromise on as we understand how important it is for our customers.

The years of hard work together with recruitment of the most professional & nicest people has helped create our culture where we, together as one team, will happily go through it all for you, meeting every requirement you have wrapped up in loving exceptional service. In 1999 this was our reason for starting Jordon Freight, fast forward 22 years and this basic belief is more alive than ever, ensuring the company remains a supprtive & connected business with kindness and wellbeing at its core, and that every customer feels valued and part of it.

So watch out, Jordon are coming to show you what a difference we can make for you and your business.


Roddy & Jon