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Jordon’s Ukraine support awarded by Polish town of Trzebinia


As we know earlier this year Ukraine was invaded which resulted in a humanitarian emergency. In the immediate few days after the begining of the conflict it was clear Ukraine needed help in...

CDS FAQ v2.1 – October Update


Welcome all those interested in CDS, you must be crazy but glad you're here! So HMRC have released their latest October update v2.1 which addresses a lot of questions people have been asking...

CDS LIVE – FAQ – September 2022 Update


As we enter the first week of CDS in a fully live environment HMRC has recently released an updated FAQ. Inside the document you can find additional guidance on all aspects of the CDS service...

CDS News Update – CHIEF Extension Period Implemented


Hello all, A quick CDS update where below is the latest bulletin to our clients which shows some pertinent information about the readiness of CDS. We have been in the industry meetings many...

Felixstowe port workers on course to strike


Unite, who represent 1,900 port workers, have declared they are on course to strike on 21st August for 8 days after talks broke down. The Felixstowe Port User Association state there are no...

HMRC CDS Q&A v2 released


CDS is edging closer and you may have seen our recent CDS bulletin showing the key dates we should be aware of. Those being: 30th September 2022 - Import declarations close for CHIEF 31st...

Shanghai starts the great escape (of containers)


Some good news for a change, sort of. In the next few weeks, a surge of containers is expected to wing outwardly across the world as Shanghai finally opens up for business. After its severe...

Road freight prices continue to surge unabated


Its no secret that road freight prices have been increasing steadily over recent times due to driver shortages and we’ve written about it extensively over the past few years. Now though it’s...

Ukraine Humanitarian Aid Mission – Please Help


We are supporting one of our incredible local hauliers with their humanitarian aid initiative for the Ukraine people. Please read the following and see where you can help. With numbers and...

EU Mobility Package phase 2 introduces new challenges


In a letter to clients Jordon MD Roddy Forster outlined the key elements of the EU Mobility Package (phase 2) which has recently been introduced. We reproduce the letter here whilst we work hard...

GVMS Border Guide v2 released


The new release from HMRC provides information including the following points : • GMR requirements for empty units not under a transport contract • Key points to follow when Importing...

Industry magazine Fleetpoint talks to Jordon about current border frustrations


Apologies, I know we're at risk of boring people about the problems being experienced at the border, but it's news that isn't on the news that we predicted back in 2016. So we feel a...

The Independent talks to Jordon about the new border controls


After one week GVMS problems continue to blight inbound freight. We are no exception as customs controls kept two of our trailers under review for four days, released only last night. These are...

Where will the GVMS creaky start lead us next?


Where will the GVMS creaky start lead us next? If you’ve been following social media channels you’ll see transport operators across Europe and the UK seething about delays at borders as...

Xmas Opening Times 2021


We're nearly there. Thankfully all trailers are loaded with all goods cleared and safely on their way back or already delivered. This means all our staff can now have a well deserved break...

European rail freight department gathers speed providing flexible transport options


We are very excited to announce the launch of our brand-new rail freight service from Europe. Multimodal manager Roberto Bugatti has expert knowledge of Italy, and the Mediterranean region...

New video explainers coming – what’s new for 2022

With the subsequent phases of change in Border regulations taking effect from 1st January 2022, we are preparing a series of videos and information sheets to assist in those regulatory areas...

Homeworking & the work/life balance

Since Covid changed our lives back in March 2020, we have seen a transformation of the workplace as swathes of people began the new and unexpected venture of converting living rooms, kitchens...

Customs & Transit services complete successful trials

In 2020 Jordon started trials of their new internal customs platform. This year with the introduction of customs formalities at UK borders, the system came live and is now successfully...

2021 has been quite a year – State of the Union review

Back in the ‘80s, if you were a customs clearance clerk, you’d know about the differences between the Deep Sea and Short Sea customs clearance departments. The more chilled team versus the...

Border Operating Model v4 Released


Today HMG has released v4 of the Border Operating Model.  BIFA have accompanied it's release with the following statement to its members detailing changes that can be expected inside the...

Cabinet Office ‘The Short Straits’ technical webinar slide pack released


As we head towards January 1st 2022, there is a real freeling of deja vu as we go through border protocols again.  However, changes are ahead as full import controls come into effect, which...

Jordon releases customs video for Horticulture businesses


This week sees the Horticultural world head to the much anticipated Hort-Science 2021 event.  An online exhibition and resource for horticultural growers across the...

HMRC advice concerning new trade rules published


Here follows latest publication by HMRC that provides useful information and links of the forthcoming trade rule changes. Full customs controls will be introduced as planned on...