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Jordon TV – New Brexit Vlog – 12.10.19


Here we are with another light-hearted but informative view on the developments and issues surrounding Brexit for our industry. 15.10.19 - NEWS - TSP auto-enrolement is live, deferment...

Jordon TV – New Brexit preparation Vlog – 03.10.19


Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, talks informally about Brexit preparation developments in a new Vlog which follows on from the previous three Essentials, Import Flow and Export Flow If you've...

03.10.19 HMRC UPDATE – Customs & Border Design Stakeholder Engagement (phew)


hello again, I know it's getting boring but you're here and as you are we felt obligated to push out any new information that we come across. Having just been in our governing body )BIFA...

HMRC Live Brexit Webinars during October


In this fast moving but slow changing atmosphere we can only ever keep investigating, checking and re-checking information. With this in mind we're joining HMRC webinar event next week to see if we...

Brexit Export Business Scenario (EU Commission Document)


Here we're clarifying the export procedure which as we discussed in our videos appears straightforward on paper, but requires a lot more preparation than the import process. brexit-export...

Brexit Business Readiness Events happening now


HMG is offering these free events for all businesses Follow the link to register Events will be taking place across the...

NEW – No-Deal Brexit Help Videos Here


As we approach Brexits 31st October deadline it's becoming clearer how things will work. For most people that have still not prepared we have produced some really basic videos that show essential...

Jordon discusses Brexit on ITV News


In the same week as BBC Newsnight came to our office we also had ITV News visit to hear our thoughts on the impending no-deal scenario. Chaos of course is the word people try and avoid, but we know...

Jordon discusses Brexit on BBC Newsnight

We've had a lot of media interest in the run up to Brexit with but the highlight was a feature for BBC Newsnight, a much admired news institution in the UK. Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, who has...

New haulier guidelines issued for transporting goods EU/UK post-Brexit


Hot new guidelines have been issued for hauliers transporting goods between UK and EU after Brexit. transporting-goods-between-the-uk-and-eu-in-a-no-deal-brexit-guidance-for-hauliers...

HMG issue EORI mythbuster advice


Brexit, Brexit, read all about it... HM Government has issued today advice for the first step a company should do to prepare, obtain an EORI number. Let's have a look EORI_mythbuster There...

Brexit Preparation Refresh (D1ND) updated 23.08.19


Good morning, Europe, all of us together still, thankfully. So here we go, 10 weeks away from a historic or catastrophic, whichever way you sway, Day 1 No deal (D1ND). As we follow...

Day One, No Deal (D1ND) RoRo Business Requirements (Imports) – HMG issue 12.08.19


Hello hello, it's been too long. With less than 3 months to go, Brexit no-deal limps closer and closer like an extra from the Walking Dead (you know it's going to eat you when it gets here...

Why preparation for Brexit date 2 should be different


31st March 2019. The date came and went. Brexit was, in the end and not surprisingly, postponed. All the mad scramble towards this date with HMRC seemingly making it up as they went along and...

BIFA’s Young Forwarder Network is go


BIFA Anglia region Governors and Chair. Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, second from left Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, was speaking in Chelmsford recently at the launch of the BIFA Young...

Packing a punch for Asthma UK


Picture: Jack (blue shorts) in action Man of the moment here at Jordon is Jack Spink.  Having never boxed before, Jack volunteered to represent Jordon at an amateur boxing night in Ipswich at...

European carrier team increases languages

“Today’s global marketplace means that we’re working with clients and partners in countries that in twenty years, have grown into key players,” says Roddy Forster. “Whilst English...

Hot new Express Van Service launches at Jordon

“The last year has seen us building up our express van service, to run in conjunction with the urgent FTL (full trailer load) work we’re already doing for many of our events and automotive...

BIFA European Logistics Award Finalist 2018 – A Review

picture: Dame Kelly Holmes (left) and Roddy Forster (second from left) A first for us, we were nominated a finalist in the 2018 BIFA Freight Service Awards. Shortlisted in the European...

HMRC issues Ro/Ro toolkits ahead of Brexit deadlines


This is the week we were meant to leave.  This was also the week that it seemed many businesses, ports, HMRC, were not ready.  So thankfully there's a postponement whilst everyone suddenly gets...

Brexit nerves and port congestion see prices rise


NOTE: Article originally written for clients 18/03/19 If you've not heard, the situation for goods bound to and from Europe is reaching boiling point. Carriers are now actively avoiding the...

Brexit Update no. 3


Welcome again to Brexit update - number 3 no less.  Don't worry, you haven't missed any (if you have they're here), it's just that we thought it best to start numbering as things start to get...

New no-deal guidelines issued by HMRC for VAT registered businesses


We received new information today from BIFA our trade body who are working closely with HMRC for no-deal plans. HMRC are writing to VAT-registered businesses that trade only with the EU with...

Jordon issues Brexit “no-deal” awareness paper


Jordon today, 14th January 2019, issued advice in it's twelve page document to customers importing and exporting goods between the UK and EU. The document focuses on a "no deal" scenario...