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What to do about the driver shortage?


At risk of sounding like a broken record (see previous article) we plough headlong into this continuing story with a view to leave it alone for a while afterwards. Let’s hope we can resist the...

Are autonomous trucks the answer or the cause?


Once just sci-fi and now borderline reality, autonomous vehicles, cars and trucks, are being trialed the world over. It’s hard to keep up with where exactly we are on the road to full autonomy...

Europe’s driver shortage is spiraling out of control


An article recently in Lloyds Loading List brings to the fore the challenges faced in the industry as the retiring old guard leaves a driver void in its place. We present the article in full here...

A Xmas Video and opening hours


We'd like to wish our customers and suppliers a very Happy Xmas and New Year. If you haven't seen it here's our little Xmas video starring some of our super staff. ...

What do supply chain managers think about Brexit so far?


Disclaimer: nobody knows how it will pan out False news, it’s all the rage. Depending what paper you subscribe to you will get different slants on the latest surveys with various supply chain...

DVSA commencing enforcement of “in cab” rests in UK


From November 1st 2017 the DVSA will start to sanctioned rivers who take weekly rest breaks in cabs outside formal rest areas (ie. service areas and truck stops). Penalties will include...

The capacity crunch continues : What can I do to get my cargo moving?


We have quite possibly reached a capacity crisis unheard of in the European logistics industry. A shortage of spare trailer space is real and is now causing harm to businesses across the UK. A few...

European logistics flow becomes gridlocked


Here's an article recently published in Lloyds about the current capacity problem caused by the 'Rastatt emergency'. See our comments at the bottom regarding the effect on road freight traffic...

Cost vs Price: Is your supply chain undervalued?


We don’t all have the luxury of Tescos to offer loss leaders and continual low cost promotions. If you’re unfortunate you may even be supplying them and feeling the constant squeeze on your own...

The perfect storm is brewing for UK companies importing goods from Europe


Roughly 10 years ago UK hauliers started to hand over the reins of international transport to European hauliers.  In particular the emerging Eastern European carriers with cheaper operating costs...

FTA post-election Brexit thoughts


We have been pondering an article written recently by the Freight Transport Association (FTA) and with Brexit talks now officially commenced we think it reflects our sentiments on the current...

How “Through It All” was formed


Director Jon Swallow explains how the new brand identity came about. “Roddy and I have had some fun over the years with our logos but looking back we realised it hadn’t been very consistent...

German rest in cab ban sweeps into force


Hot off the press from the RHA is news that looks to begin a shake up of haulage in Europe. See what you think with a read of the news below. "GERMANY – 45HRS REST IN CAB BAN – UPDATE The IRU...

China’s Port misery continues


New liner schedules combined with poor weather is causing severe disruption in China's container ports. Shanghai's Yangshan terminals are experiencing lengthy delays with vessels queuing at...

Article 50. Finally


Having been glued to PMQs this lunchtime and the unfurling of the article 50 speech we’re now on the road to a new beginning. How will trading with our EU partners change when Brexit finally...

Is a SETA a good thing?


Competition is good, right? Well not according to nine countries who have set up a road freight alliance to defend against what they see as unfair competition from other EU countries. European...

First China to UK freight train rolls in


As the first ever direct container train from China to the UK arrived yesterday, forwarders were probably pondering whether any existing Chinese trade could transition to this new platform. Whilst...

Uber Freight vs Amazon – The disruptors?


Disruptors. That’s the current buzzword and technology driven giants Uber and Amazon are now about to disrupt the freight industry. Or parts of it at least. Traditional brokers beware, they want...

Gearing up at Jordon for the new ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS)


Gearing up for the new ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) Senior staff at Jordon have been examining the requirements for the new ISO standard in preparation for official application...

TAPA takes aim at cargo crime in Europe


As cargo crime levels reach a five year high the Transported Asset Protection Association (TAPA) have drawn up plans for a secure parking initiative in Europe which may come into force as soon as...

What does Brexit mean for my International trade?


In the increasing game of brinkmanship between the EU and the UK there’s a real possibility we could exit the EU stone cold if they make life too difficult for us. Let’s face it, they have a lot...

August Driving Restictions


A reminder of driving restrictions in Europe this August 5 August Croatia, Italy (1400hrs – 2200hrs) 6 August Italy (0800hrs – 2200hrs) 15 August Austria, Croatia, France, Greece, Italy...

Change is Good


On the day the nation goes to the polls to decide the fate of Britain (we’re neutral if you’re asking) we are working hard towards the 4th July. No, not independence day, but the day we...



We can't ignore the forthcoming in/out vote but find it difficult to form a decisive opinion either way. Here's a quick summary of key business advantages advocated from both camps in the (mainly...