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New no-deal guidelines issued by HMRC for VAT registered businesses


We received new information today from BIFA our trade body who are working closely with HMRC for no-deal plans. HMRC are writing to VAT-registered businesses that trade only with the EU with...

Jordon issues Brexit “no-deal” awareness paper


Jordon today, 14th January 2019, issued advice in it's twelve page document to customers importing and exporting goods between the UK and EU. The document focuses on a "no deal" scenario...

UK to remain in European Common Transit Convention after Brexit


The UK government has confirmed that after Brexit, the UK will become a member of the Common Transit Convention (CTC) in its own right. British Financial Secretary to the Treasury Mel Stride...

Brexit impasse moves us closer to no-deal


Apparently it’s been said, by UK Government no less, that a no-deal Brexit will cause six months of disruptions to UK-EU cross-channel freight. Well after this week we are staring down the very...

Xmas Videos & Opening Times


T'is the season again, trailer supply is dwindling slowly as drivers start to return home ahead of the Xmas holiday. We however are still working hard to keep supply chains moving using our...

Jordon shortlisted for 2018 BIFA European Logistics Award


Leading European freight specialists, Jordon, has been named as a finalist in the 2018 British International Freight Association (BIFA) Freight Service Awards. Shortlisted in the European...

New ‘no-deal’ Brexit guidelines published


The UK government has published new guidelines for companies should there be there be a no-deal Brexit. Having reviewed these revised guidelines we believe they are the best yet for preparing...

Diana scoops Head of Operations


newsletter feed We’re delighted that Diana has been promoted from operations team leader, a role she enjoyed for three years to head of operations. Responsibilities in her new role include...

Tackling the driver shortage – recap and our role in helping


Newsletter article We’ve been talking about this issue for over two years as blogs on our website will attest, but what’s the reality of the situation? Market intelligence is a key...

Roddy runs the London Marathon

The 2018 Virgin Money London Marathon raised a record-breaking £63.7m for charity, setting a new world record for an annual single day fundraising event. And a small amount of that money was...

The show must go on


Working with one of the country’s premier providers of event structures sees Jordon pulling out all the stops to deliver what often seems like the impossible. Jordon director, Roddy Forster...

UK box hauliers facing continued pressure


As a European Transport provider we are seeing unprecedented levels of challenges emerging in the European haulage sector which doesn’t bode well for the future unless some sharp action is...

New Head of Operations appointment at Jordon


Our very own Diana-Dostalova-Sujewicz hits the news Multi-skilled specialist for Felixstowe freight firm [ July 27, 2018 // Chris ] Diana Dostalova-Sujewicz has been promoted from operations...

Why we’re not talking about Brexit


You would think in a business like ours on the front line of European trade we would be going out of our way to inform our customers of what they need to do come Brexit. We see there are still a...

Felixstowe Port recovery begins


June the 10th 2018. A date that will be etched in the minds of Felixstowe Port officials for years to come. This was the date The Port of Felixstowe,, the biggest container port in the UK...

TAPA seeks secure parking standards to combat 90% rise in freight thefts


Having worked with the Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) over the years we often discussed the problems associated with thefts from supposedly secure parking. We also discussed...

Jordon secures ISO 9001:2015 quality standard


Team effort secures ISO 9001:2015 for Jordon Fellow Felixstowe-based company, compliance experts, VARTAN, led Jordon through the quality management system accreditation process. Roddy...

What to do about the driver shortage?


At risk of sounding like a broken record (see previous article) we plough headlong into this continuing story with a view to leave it alone for a while afterwards. Let’s hope we can resist the...

Are autonomous trucks the answer or the cause?


Once just sci-fi and now borderline reality, autonomous vehicles, cars and trucks, are being trialed the world over. It’s hard to keep up with where exactly we are on the road to full autonomy...

Europe’s driver shortage is spiraling out of control


An article recently in Lloyds Loading List brings to the fore the challenges faced in the industry as the retiring old guard leaves a driver void in its place. We present the article in full here...

A Xmas Video and opening hours


We'd like to wish our customers and suppliers a very Happy Xmas and New Year. If you haven't seen it here's our little Xmas video starring some of our super staff. ...

What do supply chain managers think about Brexit so far?


Disclaimer: nobody knows how it will pan out False news, it’s all the rage. Depending what paper you subscribe to you will get different slants on the latest surveys with various supply chain...

DVSA commencing enforcement of “in cab” rests in UK


From November 1st 2017 the DVSA will start to sanctioned rivers who take weekly rest breaks in cabs outside formal rest areas (ie. service areas and truck stops). Penalties will include...

The capacity crunch continues : What can I do to get my cargo moving?


We have quite possibly reached a capacity crisis unheard of in the European logistics industry. A shortage of spare trailer space is real and is now causing harm to businesses across the UK. A few...