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Meet you at the Summer Freight Planning Conference


Jordon Freight will be sending two delegates to the hotly anticipated Summer Freight Planning Conference. Director, Jon Swallow and Road Freight Manager, Simon Fisk will be attending the all...

Olympic awareness schedule begins


Even though the Olympics are still some months away, we here at Jordon don't like to leave things to chance. Due imminently are a series of Olympic Awareness meetings for our operational and sales...

Industry: Foreign vehicle tax proposal in consultation period


The UK government is in consultation over plans to charge foreign vehicles up to £10 a day to use UK roads. The consultation will run until 18 April 2012. Implementation is not likely to...

Olympic Games 2012 road freight management strategy begins


The Olympic Games is the world's biggest logistical event and commences in London on 27th July 2012 and completes on the last day of the Paralympics on the 9th September. Although still a few...

New appointment improves quality synergy


We would like to congratulate Mr Simon Fisk on his exciting new appointment as European Road Freight Manager. This appointment brings the export and import overland departments under one umbrella...

Jordon appoint Citation Plc as Employment and H&S advisers


Jordon Freight has officially appointed Citation Plc as Health & Safety and Employment Law advisers. In a new 3 year deal the appointment has been made in conjunction with current work being...

Jordon opt for Plantronic CS60 headset roll out


After a lengthy trial period we have finally committed to issuing new Plantronic headsets for operational staff. The dual benefit is that customers will receive information faster and staff will...

Customer satisfaction surveys heading out


Every now and again I’m sure you receive customer satisfaction surveys. In general nothing much may happen with the information you provide, or at least that you notice but we hope to be...

New Berths at The Port of Felixstowe

We thought it should be known as it’s our hometown that The Port of Felixstowe has recently opened new berths numbers 8 & 9. These are the only berths in the UK capable of accommodating the...

Cargo webtrack beta testing underway


In line with the companies IT development plans Jordon have began testing of their cargo tracking feature which is due to be located within the website portal. Customer feedback found that some of...

New Head of Health & Safety appointed


We would like to congratulate Mrs Donna Begg who after an intensive week long course successfully completed an IOSH training program and examination. Donna now becomes the new head of Health...

Jordon trialling new Plantronics CS60 headsets


Jordon Freight are currently undergoing trials of the new Plantronics CS60 bluetooth headsets. Mainly for operational use, if the trial proves successful Jordon will consider a full roll out of the...

We are recruiting!


We currently have a vacancy for an experienced road freight operator. Please visit our vacancies page for more information.

Our new website is now LIVE!


Welcome to our new website, designed over six months of hard work and incorporating everything we do. There may be a few technical gremlins lurking on the site so please feel free to contact us if...

Jordon Freight Launches Preview Of Website


We're launching an overview of the website whilst we work behind the scenes on finalising the content. Keep tuned for the anticipated full launch at the beginning of June 2011.