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Super-sized lorries given the green light in the UK

The UK Government has given the green light for longer lorries to operate fully on Great Britain’s roads, despite concerns that this could lead to an increase in fatal road accidents. The Department for Transport (DfT) announced legislation this Wednesday that from the end of May, these supertrucks up to 18.55 meters long, which is […]

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UK joins Indo-Pacific trade bloc CPTPP in exciting trade deal

The Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) has today welcomed the UK as a member of the bloc, expanding the group to now include a European nation. As one of the largest free trade agreements in the world, the CPTPP encompasses 11 countries across the Asia-Pacific region, accounting for 13.5% of global GDP. […]

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Jordon’s Ukraine support awarded by Polish town of Trzebinia

As we know earlier this year Ukraine was invaded which resulted in a humanitarian emergency. In the immediate few days after the begining of the conflict it was clear Ukraine needed help in the form of aid. A local international haulage owner came to us for assistance in organising and  helping to get their trucks […]


CDS FAQ v2.1 – October Update

Welcome all those interested in CDS, you must be crazy but glad you’re here! So HMRC have released their latest October update v2.1 which addresses a lot of questions people have been asking, shown either as a new itme or an updated item. And there’s quite alot of updates so if you’re feeling brave and/or […]


Felixstowe port workers on course to strike

Unite, who represent 1,900 port workers, have declared they are on course to strike on 21st August for 8 days after talks broke down. The Felixstowe Port User Association state there are no further talks planned so the bleak prospect of strike action is becoming a reality unless there is a last minute intervention. Port […]

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Shanghai starts the great escape (of containers)

Some good news for a change, sort of. In the next few weeks, a surge of containers is expected to wing outwardly across the world as Shanghai finally opens up for business. After its severe lockdown, restrictions have been easing across many districts opening up the port that has been only working in a ‘closed […]


HMRC CDS Q&A v2 released

CDS is edging closer and you may have seen our recent CDS bulletin showing the key dates we should be aware of. Those being: 30th September 2022 – Import declarations close for CHIEF 31st March 2023 – Export declarations close for CHIEF In the past 24 hours HMRC have released a revised version of their […]