Specialist industries require a specialist service

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We know every industry is different. Each one has its own unique considerations, factors and challenges that need to be taken into account to provide the best freight specialist service.

Jordon has worked in these freight specialist sectors for years, and during that time we’ve built up the skills, knowledge and experience to operate in these areas successfully, so we can give our clients exactly what they need from their freight forwarding company to get the job done efficiently and effectively.

  • Events
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing

Food and Drink

As one of the top logistics companies that works with the food and drink sector, we understand completely how important it is to keep your goods safe.

This is why we have a raft of standardised security procedures to check there’s no illegal activity on board, and we’ll run an examination of the goods you’re shipping as part of our risk assessments.

We’re located next to Felixstowe port so we’re able to provide a range of services for any goods that come from outside the EU, including customs clearance, removing goods from sealed containers, transferring them to pallets for distribution, and transporting them to wherever they need to go in the UK.

Rock concert


We’ve been providing 24/7/365 international and domestic logistical coordination and support for the live events industry since 1999. It’s given us an unrivalled reputation for successful projects.

Detail is essential. Communication is essential. Flexibility is essential. By working closely with your events team we give you a service which means you never need be concerned about your event being left short.

Construction material


We keep your project moving.

You can trust us to provide the regular, uninterrupted flow of products that your construction projects demand. 

To deliver the continuous supply flow we work closely with project managers to ensure their projects are successful, and on budget, every time.

If there is a particular project to be completed, we’ll talk with you to understand what matters. Once the plan is clear we’ll continue to work closely with you, to manage the transportation of materials on and off sites at the specific times and dates you need them as the build progresses.

Angle grinder


Always have the right parts in the right place at the right time.

It goes without saying that the manufacturing process requires excellent logistics as well as analytical skills to succeed. 

We take time to understand your business, so we can see where we can make a difference. With so many variables in play, we study your supply chain closely looking for small improvements and the big wins. Driving efficiencies forward is what we do and every step we look to make a positive difference to your costs and time.

“The support from all at Jordon Freight has been fantastic. We could not have operated without the support and service from the team.”
G, Events Company


Let us know about what you need moving with our freight specialist services, and we’ll let you know how we can help..