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Here you can find out here what additional services we offer. It's possible you may need an additional service to accompany your consignment such as paperwork or advice. In this section you will find these services as well as supporting documents that will give you peace of mind that we do things the right way.

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  • Regular Updates

    We know communication is the key to successful business.

  • Unparalleled Availability Nationwide

    We can arrange pick-ups anywhere in the UK, quicker than anyone else.

  • 24/7 Availability

    Night or day, we’re here for you.

  • Polite and Knowledgeable Drivers

    Our customer service doesn’t stop at the office door.

  • Your Account Manager

    A single point of contact to handle everything for you.

  • Quality Management

    We continuously work to improve everything we do.

  • Technically Sound and Modern Equipment

    We continuously invest to give you the best possible service.

  • Web Tracking

    Get instant access to your consignment’s status from your desk or your phone.

  • GPS Tracking

    See the precise location of your cargo, anywhere in the world.

  • Marine Insurance

    Arrange this through us for extra convenience.

  • Environmental Policy

    We work actively to minimise our impact on the environment.

  • Hazardous Facilities (DGSA)

    An in-house DGSA allows us to store and transport hazardous goods.

  • Waste Licence

    We can transport waste safely and legally.

  • Storage

    When you need space to store your goods we can provide it.

  • Nationwide Container Loading and Devanning

    Wherever you are in the country.

  • Curtainside Provision

  • Driver-Accompanied Service

    When time is of the essence, we keep things moving.

  • Regular Security Checks

    Your cargo’s safety is our priority.

  • Temperature Controlled Units

    Ensure your delivery arrives in perfect condition.

  • Trade References

    Don’t just take our word for how good we are.

  • Export Packing

    We'll ensure your goods are well protected.

  • Container Haulage

    We can move containers to any country in the world.

  • Full and Part-Load Shipment

    Giving you great flexibility.

  • Same/Next Day Delivery

    Need it there fast? Use our express service.

"Jordon Freight provide us with an excellent service all year round and as our Business grows so does our relationship with the Jordon team. They are an integral part of our supply chain within the group and were looking forward to sharing further business opportunities with them."

SB, Automotive Customer


  • Marine Insurance

    Your cargo is covered under a road policy called CMR. However, this has limitations to the value and type of your claim.

    If you want to put your mind at rest and ensure full value cover for your cargo, you need Marine Insurance. This ensures you will receive fast and full payout. We are able to offer you competitive and fully underwritten premiums.

    Download our PDF for more information

  • Hazardous Goods

    We consult with qualified DGSA top ensure hazardous shipments are given the utmost attention they need. If you have a hazardous consignment we ensure we know exactly what is required.

    Our hazardous consultant will keep you fully up to date on the latest regulations concerning the carriage of dangerous goods and advise on the requirements for safe transit accordingly.

    Download our PDF for more information

  • Environmental Policy

    An environmental policy is more important than ever and we continually look at what we can do to keep in tune with the planet’s requirements.

    Our policy includes reducing our carbon footprint, improving recycling, minimising waste and generally being more efficient with our resources throughout the company.

    Download our PDF for more information

  • ISO 9001: 2015

    Taking principles from Kaizen, the Japanese system of continuous improvement, we believe methods and procedures should regularly be improved upon.

    We are constantly assessing our best practice quality systems and procedures, making sure they are still suitable, and changing them where necessary to keep at the forefront of our industry.

    Download our PDF for more information