In connecting the vibrant landscapes of Asia Pacific with the dynamic markets of the United Kingdom, Jordon ensures a safe and seamless experience for your FCL and LCL shipments.

With a range of diverse industries in this region we understand that each cargo is unique and have the means and know-how to move them. Our freight solutions are tailored through regional expertise, accounting for the distinct handling requirements, packaging considerations, and industry nuances across Asian markets. This can include frozen, overweight, oversized and much more.

Navigating the regulatory landscape in the Asia Pacific region demands a nuanced understanding. As part of a global network, we have more than 1,500 weekly direct services serving 100+ countries.  They are professional, local, and fluent in the diverse regulatory requirements that make our service run smoothly.

We are managing the whole process from start to finish from our offices here in the UK, making sure every part is prepared well in advance. This includes leveraging our strategic alliances with key shipping lines to ensure you receive the right price and route. Our experienced in-house customs team then work diligently to get your goods through borders and on to its destination.

Our aim is to elevate your supply chain when you partner with us. Contact us today to explore how we will optimise your logistics needs and unlock the potential of the Asia Pacific trade route.