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Jordon Freight is an AEO approved freight forwarder who transports full-container-loads (FCL) around the world. Our global freight solutions involve employing experts who are hugely experienced in sea freight to get your cargo exactly where you want it to go – quickly, safely and efficiently.

Our control tower for global operations resides in the Port of Felixstowe, the largest UK container port. Our strategic location means we have relationships and access to every port facility that is required in Felixstowe combined with strong representation at every other UK port.

As part of a global network, you can trust the high standards you’ve come to expect from Jordon Freight will be maintained. Our professional business relationships with core shipping lines ensure access and capacity on busy routes and we get you the best deal to keep your supply chain competitive and in motion. Our partnerships worldwide mean we have local agents to provide real, on-the-ground knowledge of import and export compliance. A key advantage for your supply chain relationships.

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North America

Our expertise in freight forwarding forms the bridge connecting the dynamic markets of North America with the United Kingdom. All our services combine to seamlessly transcend borders, unlocking unparalleled access to the diverse landscapes of North America for your goods.

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Asia Pacific

In connecting the diverse landscapes of Asia Pacific with the dynamic markets of the United Kingdom, Jordon Freight ensures a safe and seamless experience for your FCL and LCL shipments.

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Container services

Our services for full-container-loads (FCL) and less-than-container-loads (LCL) give you a complete flexible package for equipment, transit time and prices. Our global freight solutions offer a multitude of carriers we can offer you frequent departures, ample capacity and great value. And when your container arrives we can arrange for customs clearance, warehousing and final mile, amongst other services you may need.

Communication First

Our clients say they like to do business with us because we put communication first, and communication is paramount when moving shipments over such distances. By keeping them informed they’re able to plan and make logistics arrangements well in advance, saving both time and money. We also give our clients the digital tools they need to have complete visibility of their cargo throughout its whole journey. 

Customs and Compliance

Compliance matters and when you’re transporting goods around the world, you can face a number of challenges depending on what your cargo is and where it’s going, from country-specific compliance to customs regulations. We eliminate these challenges by covering everything in the initial scoping, avoiding surprises further down the line.

The correct import licences and export documentation are essential in a shipments journey so our experts prepare these for you. And to make sure there are no delays for your freight, our customs team track your cargo ready for its arrival and swift clearance through borders. Our organised structure ensures our operations team fulfil the final party of the journey without delay.


Whether it’s high volumes or one-off shipments, we operate a preferred carrier program, working with you to find the best service for your shipment based on your criteria, whether that’s availability, transit time or price.

We have complete control of key shipping stages due to our position in Felixstowe, home of the largest container port in the UK, and electronic links to all major European and UK seaports.

“The move to Jordon Freight was spot on. Jordon Freight is really super-fast.”
N.P, Paper Manufacturer

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