In line with the companies IT development plans Jordon have began testing of their cargo tracking feature which is due to be located within the website portal.

Customer feedback found that some of our very busy clients were not always available to receive our transport updates by our preferred method, the good old phone. Often spending alot of the time in a warehouse, off-site or in meetings. Email notifications as well were noted as getting lost amongst junk email.

This system will enable those customers to specifically check on their cargos movements when it suits them rather than be called to the phone should they be occupied elsewhere.

We are working with a select few clients who have gratefully agreed to assist the trial. We hope to develop a product which will help our customers gather the transit information they require without interfering in their more important duties.

If you wish for more information on this forthcoming product or wish to ask any questions about its functionality (or make suggestions) please do not hesitate to contact us.

More details will be released over the coming months.