The Olympic Games is the world’s biggest logistical event and commences in London on 27th July 2012 and completes on the last day of the Paralympics on the 9th September.

Although still a few months away we are working hard collating and digesting all the information necessary to ensure minimal disruption for our customers.

A brief will be made available in February for operational suggestions to customers and staff are being trained in points of importance including the impact of road events, zone closures, congestion peaks and parking restrictions.

The basic message is to consider the ‘4 R’s’

Reduce – pre-order, preventative maintenance
Re-time – out of hours/night time deliveries, changed delivery days
Re-route – away from Central London Zone, live sites, venues
Revise Mode – collect from store, staff resource requirements

We expect considerable logistical challenges during this period and look forward to providing solutions to our customers to smooth the way for what will be an incredible event.

Please contact one of our experts for advice or assistance on

All the best

The Jordon Team