Record fuel prices are driving UK transport companies to despair with a fuel duty rise looking increasing likely.

SMEs in particular are suffering from the rising costs as well as having to contend with the current economic landscape.

Looking further afield the recent stand off with Iran in the Middle East may bring even further problems to the arena.

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The Freight Transport Association together with campaigning bodies like the FarFuelUK are calling on Chancellor George Osbourne to cut fuel duty by at least 5ppl and to scrap the planned increase in August this year.

Initial findings from an independent report suggests a duty cut would be good for business, promoting economic growth, creating jobs and would have only a negligible impact on the Treasury’s fuel tax intake.

Jon Swallow, Director at Jordon said “We are monitoring the situation closely each day and are working hard with our suppliers to ensure they receive the correct compensation for their work.

“We are extremely grateful that our customers are very understanding of this crippling situation. Our company is well placed to stave off immediate rises until we are left at break point due to the networked nature of our business, but these are most certainly testing times for all.”

A planned lobby of parliament will be held on 7th March calling for a duty cut.