It’s unusual that we feel the need to comment about a tech story but we are sure there are plenty of us in the transport and logistics business who are still using Windows XP.

This article is even being written on an XP machine, although 95% of the office has now migrated to Windows 7.

There’s nothing wrong with my machine, it runs perfectly well for my needs and probably still will in 2 years time. But Microsoft reminded us this week that in 2014 they will cease to support Windows XP and Office 2003, which is currently in ‘extended support’. This will essentially leave anyone still using the software open to any malware and viruses the internet throws at it.

Vista and Office 2007 will be in extended support from now until 2017.

As in our current Olympic campaign it pays to prepare and the advice being offered is don’t wait until the last minute to migrate.

We understand this is not a particular transport article but feel it’s of such importance to prepare your migration strategy we thought we’d share it with you. We hope it was helpful.

On a similar theme here at Jordon we have been brainstorming ideas for a tablet based planning software which our ops teams can use to increase the speed of their planning. This would be especially beneficial for customers on demand collections which in 95% of case we deploy same/next day. We have alot of ideas but it will take some time to come to fruition – but it will we’re sure as we seek to increase our performance levels. Look out for updates in the future.

All the best

The Jordon Team