Having been busy attending seminars, meetings and conferences as well as discussing intently with staff and suppliers, we are now on an active campaign approaching our customers armed with masses of information so watch out.

It may well be you don’t need to know everything or anything but at least we are prepared, willing and encouraging our customers to create strategies and contingency plans. The government is already embarking on a series of stress tests in areas such as defence, but for us logisticians it will mostly be a case of suck it and see.

The size of the event together with the jigsaw puzzle factor of possible scenarios means it’s impossible to allow for every eventuality. But what this exercise is showing is that by preparing ourselves, our suppliers and our customers, we can keep the headache tablets to a minimum.

Press releases and pre-advices containing questionnaires are going out today and follow up calls (by phone no less) will be made in the coming weeks as our customers seek to complete answers to the 6 basic questions we have asked.

Should our customers feel their production schedule is at risk we will analyse the data and contribute our advice by email, phone or in person.

As you may know we have been officially working on this project since early January and only now, having surveyed the mountain of information, have developed a true understanding of the logistical challenges we could face.

Of course no-one really knows how this will all pan out but we believe that we can assist our customers keep their supply chain moving with a simple touch of good advanced planning.

Let the Games commence…
The Jordon Team

NB. This article has been carefully written on but without reference to the date and palapropism May 4th (be with us). We trust it will be though.