Jordon freight has recently signed a service contract for installation of a leased line and already the fibre cabling has been installed. This private data only ultra high speed connection will open up many new possibilities as the current 5 year plan, cast in 2011, steams merrily ahead.

With roaming and home-based staff, connected offices and direct customer links just the tip of the iceberg, we expect to intensely review the possibilities it opens up once installed.

As a forward thinking company intently interested in incorporating the latest technology for customer benefits, we have some grand ideas which will eventually find their way to our customers and suppliers for their thoughts.

In the meantime this installation comes just in time for the Olympic period where traditional broadband connections are expected to be extremely bogged down as the whole world goes online to view events live.

This could affect businesses who rely heavily on the internet or connection speeds, especially in typical shared ratio lines which we currently have.

We have been promised our dataline will suffer no such issues as it is a private connection with uncontended, symmetrical speeds. At the very least you can remain tracking your cargo online with us. For those that wish to use video conferencing (lucky you), this latest install will be perfect.

More news as it happens
All the best

The Jordon Team