There’s gremlins and there’s gremlins. Our website is currently experiencing a few animation difficulties which is being attended to as we speak. We hope to have it back in all its Olympic glory very soon.

More importantly, the ORN is now in full swing. With London traffic 14% down it appears the locals are heeding the warnings and opting for other means of transport. Those that are running parallell to the often empty ORN say the signs are ‘confusing’ and ‘not clear’. Be warned.

For delivery drivers the ORN is creating a rather difficult situation with many tradesmen giving it ‘one last try’ before deciding to abandon work during the Olympic period.

For the artics we are operating it’s already slow going with normal carriageways along the ORN reduced to less than crawling speed.

Our advice, avoid London if at all possible and look closely through your supply chain at other options. If you must deliver during the Olympic period we strongly urge you to look at night time deliveries.

As always, if you wish to discuss all the options open to you to keep your business flowing during this unprecedented time, please do call us here and we’ll be happy to assist.


The Jordon Team