It’s a glorious Monday morning here at our new office. With the Olympics finally under our belt we can be satisfied and proud that all the logistics preparation paid off. Whether in the transport sector or the many others which comprised the Olympic experience like the building workers, the fabulous volunteers, organisers and so on, we can relax now in the knowledge we did it well.

The same can be said for our office move on Friday which went almost without a hitch. The few teething problems include a missing fax line and the main number not being ported until this Friday. But we worked round it and all calls to the main number will still be received here. As for the fax, to be honest we don’t use it much, but we expect it to be up and running this week.

Can we just give thanks to all those that helped facilitate the move so smoothly including our contractors and staff. We couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks to Donna who was the move project co-ordinator and ensured everything was timed to perfection.

If you happen to be in the area please do come and visit us at our new office, Felixstowe is a lovely seaside town as well as the UKs main port.

All the best

The Jordon Team