We’re almost at the end of an intense but worthwhile logistical awareness and planning campaign. Having seen quite possibly the best Olympics and Paralympics in history it is essential that we, as logisticians, congratulate ourselves by having prepared well to ensure such a smooth period.

With huge support from Tfl who have been excellent in their information and advice, our customers collection and delivery disruptions have been minimal thanks to tweaks here and there in schedules. We would like to thank all those involved in assisting us in the many ardouos challenges we faced and the demands we made.

So the Paralympics ends Sunday where will really will feel empty after as we will finally move on to less glamorous news feeds.

Stay tuned though as regulars will know we like to cover points of interest in our news feed. Alternatively visit our facebook page for the more staff and company event related stories.

Thanks once again for being with us during this unique logistical campaign. Looking forward to more medals this final weekend.

Go ParalympicsGB!!!

All the best

The Jordon Team