It was last August 2011 that we began trials of our Webtracking software. One year on and we’re happy to report the uptake has been fantastic and the software has been freeing many of our customers from the phone.

The ability to log-in from anywhere and any device and instantly see the status of your collection and deliveries is great. Drawing it’s data directly from our operational software, we can configure it any way you want.

In the last few months the software has been upgraded so you can now print your signed delivery notes and invoices directly from the system. This saves on time and cost for everyone and keeps a complete history of our work together in one place.

If you haven’t tried it out yet please contact us for a trial, it doesn’t cost anything.

One last thing, although I said it frees our customers from the phone, we do love the phone here (yes we still have them). Email has it’s place and we love our technology but we simply believe you can’t beat a good old telephone conversation every now and again.

What’s your thoughts on this? Maybe we’ll put it in the next customer survey…

All the best