ok, so it seems 2013 is sizing up to be a big year of change for us in respect of our IT. Over the weekend we had a new lightning fast, mega gig, super processor, zzzzz, you get the idea anyway. It’s new, it’s fast and it’s intended to make life easier for us all.

However, firtst we have to get this week out of the way as we migrate oodles of data across into this new hardware which should see us happy for the next 10 years (maybe).

Phase 2 later in the year will be software related and will see benefits to our customers in terms of making online booking, tracking and document retrieval better.

Phase 3, well let’s just say it will focus, from customer feedback, on being on the move.

So we’ll get back to our IT anarchy and look forward to bringing you news on developments later in the year.

All the best

The Jordon Team