Amazon, the powerhouse online retailer, the destructor of the high street and the salvation of the armchair shopper, has decided to intrude into our last day of rest – Sunday.

Thank the Lord or not? I’m not convinced he will be best pleased.

Amazon Logistics (yes, really), are trialling this in a number of cities across the UK after an initial trial in London in the run up to Xmas was so successful. No surprises there though.

I use Amazon regularly, my high street shopping is down to almost zero so I’m quite well placed to consider Sunday deliveries effect on me. I’ll let you know when the service arrives in my area.

What really needs consideration s how this will have a knock on effect with everyone linked with Amazon in the Supply Chain. Although Amazon are the face of the Sunday deliveries, there will be a whole chain of requirements to keep the process rolling.

These processes need people, lots of them, and these people need family days and/or rest days.

This has been an age old argument when discussing Sunday trading laws, but in light of a giant such as Amazon pushing into the day of rest we may be seeing the eradication of putting your feet up at weekends as we know it.

Conversely we’ve just been through the biggest recession of known times and people need jobs and money. This creates that.

An interesting quandary where we are continuing to see the online world change our habits which we’ll be watching closely in the months to come.


Jordon Team