And so the Budget 2014 has passed.

Whilst pensioners everywhere will soon be cashing in their pots for luxury cruise liners, actually no, most pensioners are more sensible than that. Or so the Chancellor hopes…

I digress. For us in the Freight and Transport industry we see the welcome halt in fuel duty by the Chancellor. The FTA has however stated it was a missed opportunity to reduce fuel duty by 3 pence per litre.

James Hookham, FTA MD of Policy and Communications said ” The Chancellor has kept his promise to freeze fuel duty and industry will be £187 million a year better off for that, but he missed the opportunity to stimulate the economy further by reducing fuel duty and putting around £690 million into the pockets of families and British business. This could have given a further stimulus to the economy and locked in the positive growth already achieved.”

Whilst understandable the Chancellor clearly had a tough balancing act to keep everyone happy.

In the end we were informed it was a budget for “building a resilient economy”, claiming if you’re a ‘maker, a doer or a saver’ – this is the budget for you.

Whether it is or not is now being examined by the Nation.

Election fever anyone?!

We’d like to thank SHD for the comments from the FTA.