As a transport company there has been little information trickling out on the effect on the transport industry should Scotland decide to vote Yes.  But there is some information on the effect of our industry on some of the larger retailers.

Last year a consortium of retailers stated that should Scotland vote for independence that eventually shops may see price rises as the true cost of transporting in parts of Scotland become apparent.

It does currently cost more money to serve parts of Scotland but most retailers don’t run different prices within the UK, they absorb that in the totality.

Of course with a yes vote we would then be talking about two different countries, very likely one unwilling to subsidise the other, leading of course to two tier pricing.

This week the chairman of John Lewis confirmed with a break up of the Union groceries in Scotland could increase with a yes vote doe to regulation and transport costs, etc.

Whilst the true intentions of these statements will always be unclear it does seem to have some sense.

However, this is just a small part of what the Scottish have to consider when they vote next week. I’m sure there is balance to be had in any argument for and against independence.

From my point of view (I was brought up half Scottish and half English) it seems to be a matter of the heart.

Whatever happens, let’s hope we all remain friends 🙂