You may have heard the news, but if not, here it is. There is a surcharge coming January 1st 2015 regarding maritime fuel that will affect all shipments crossing the North Sea. There!

The reason for this surcharge is based around an EU directive which concerns the control of sulphur emissions for all ferry operators on the North Sea as well as the English Channel.

Ferries have few options to meet the mandatory legislation and rather than a very expensive equipment overhaul, most are opting to convert to MGO (Marine Gas Oil), a low sulphur content fuel.

The new rules mean shipping prices for all crossings will be increased, quite possibly substantially. Although we have had preliminary pricing in from some quarters, we’re waiting for a more general overview.

As you will be aware we do not operate our own vehicles and this works to our customers advantage. We are working closely with all our partners to reduce the impact this legislation will have. Although many factors are beyond our control we have a broad resource pool to ensure our customers get the best deal.

The unfortunate bottom line though is that there will be surcharges come 1st January 2015. How much is still the 100 dollar question but we will be keeping you informed by updating this bulletin as more calculations are made known.

For general information most ferry companies have declared their increased prices already.

If you wish to know more about the legislation please do not hesitate to contact our designated Low Sulphur Surcharge champion, Mr Gary Doyle, who will be only too happy to help.

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Best regards

The Jordon Team