The CSCL Globe muscled into port yesterday afternoon just behind our offices here at Jordon. Crowned as the current king of the waves, it is the largest container ship In. The. World.

It’s the size of 4 football pitches, bigger than the Shard and can carry 900 million tins of baked beans (that would be something).

The vessel operated by China Shipping Container Lines departed China in November and crawls about at a lowly 16 knows (18mph).

It’s only UK stop after a few Asian ports and now preparing to embark for Netherlands, Germany & Belgium.

One must point out though there’s is a sense of ‘mine is bigger than yours’ emerging in the shipping community. Medite Shipping Lines are happy to point out that come March there will be a new, bigger kid on the block. The MSC Oscar, also coming to Felixstowe. Watch this space

The Jordon Team