07.08.15 РFreight services through the tunnel have had a rough time of it since we wrote the article below.  Although moving again it is still at risk of further disruption as the migrant situation shows no sign of a let up.

As stocks start to return to normal there is a danger that should the situation escalate again once the factories return to full capacity that we will experience another meltdown.  Already international hauliers are looking at other options rather than coming to the UK and this is adding pressure to freight prices as demand outstrips supply.

Whilst it seems obvious that import prices are affected there is a possibility that both east and west bound movements will be affected.  We here at Jordon constantly monitor the market to keep our customers aware of any changes and communicate contingency plans to keep traffic moving.

As it stands the situation can only be monitored for improvements through investment in security.  But in our opinion this is the short term measure, the longer term fix is a huge political hot cake and something unfortunately we may be waiting for some time longer to see come to fruition.

Today sees MyFerrylink workers renew strike action closing down the ferry route in Calais until further notice. Whilst you have operation stack in Dover overflowing to breaking point the situation in Calais has added to the existing migrant ‘open wound’ where trucks have been brought to a standstill, something no truck driver wants.

Fearful of their safety as migrants try increasingly daring tactics to enter the UK on board a truck, Drivers are faced with a no win situation. If they don’t risk their lives to check their loads for illegal immigrants on board they will be laden with a hefty fine upon entering the UK.

This all adds up to very chaotic time for cross-channel operators with bottlenecks now being created at other ports. Today a Eurotunnel service also went down, the worst possible timing. If hauliers switch ferry allegiance (putting extra mileage on their costs one should add) could we see a similar migrant problems emerge in Dunkirk?

With no end in sight for the migrant problem at Calais and the usual uncertainty of the French workforce, hauliers are now having some tough decisions to make.

Some hauliers are now choosing not to make the trip to the UK until the French and British governments resolve the migrant crisis as the delays, damage and security risks are simply not worth it when there are other intra-europe alternatives.

This will affect import trailer supply to the UK and subsequently export trailer supply from the UK. In turn we may start to see price increases on the back of these supply and demand issues.

Here at Jordon the situation is monitored hourly, daily, weekly. We are closely communicating with our customers and hauliers proposing alternative routes and security measures together with adjusted timelines for transit to avoid nasty snarl ups or empty stock in warehouses. Communication is vital.

It is a problem no doubt but these are the types of challenges that companies like us are employed by our customers to deal with. And never one to avoid a challenge we are working hard to get cargo delivered as quickly as possible.

Let’s hope the French and British governments give the migrant matter their priority and work together to resolve it. And let’s hope the French workers get what they want. Then we can all get the wheels turning again.

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