The RHA is supporting new moves by France to set up a secure zone for trucks just a short distance from the entrance to the port of Calais. This move seeks to resolve the deteriorating migrant situation which has seen drivers regularly threatened and people boarding trailers when traffic slows or stops.

The RHA reports “gangs of migrants can now be seen attacking drivers all hours of the day and bnight. We cannot get to the situation whereby it takes a driver being killed to get action”.

It appears the planned zone will be for overspill for moving traffic rather than a truck park but until concrete information appears it’s difficult to know exactly how it will operate. What will surely be needed is monitoring, patrolling and fencing, although the latter hasn’t brought much success recently.

Here at Jordon we’ve been battling this heavily since the Summer and we’re glad the issue remains in the news as solutions need to be found. Moving the migrant camp might have been the obvious choice but we’re in the hands of the French now. Let’s hope for some success in creating a safer port approach in 2016.