A recent report by freight automation specialist Freightos states that shorter contracts and greater demand for spot rates are among several factors required to serve an ‘on-demand economy’. Supply chains are increasingly being tested for their agility as shipments become more frequent and more varied.

The report goes on to note of increased IT demands from shippers is changing the face of how we operate supply chains and manage the expectations of our customers.

Logistics managers and freight buyers are increasingly coming from the on-line all the time generation taking for granted instant access to streaming video, e-commerce and in general having the world at their fingertips.

As a European on-demand provider already this report is good news for us as we are passionate about using technology to provide the highest transport service levels, be it tracking facilities, in-house dynamic mapping, office 365 collaborations, etc.

As you, our customer, demand more and your buying patterns become more dynamic we work with you in detail to give you exactly what they need to keep their supply chains at optimum levels of speed and reliability.