We can’t ignore the forthcoming in/out vote but find it difficult to form a decisive opinion either way. Here’s a quick summary of key business advantages advocated from both camps in the (mainly empty) war of words. You decide!

Trade – import and export

IN – The UK would continue to benefit from trade opportunities provided by EU membership. These would continue to help make the EU the UK’s largest export market.

OUT – Companies will still need to import and export. The UK could spend resources currently allocated to its EU membership on opening up to markets outside of the UK, especially in non-EU emerging markets.


IN – Businesses continue to enjoy current regulatory support when trading with the EU.

OUT – Could help lower taxes for UK businesses, encouraging enterprise and business growth.


IN – UK businesses have access to a larger pool of talent, especially in the fintech and IT sectors.

OUT – A Brexit could make it easier to recruit talent from elsewhere in the world, not just the EU.