Director Jon Swallow explains how the new brand identity came about.

“Roddy and I have had some fun over the years with our logos but looking back we realised it hadn’t been very consistent.  As the company evolved we settled on a theme but still, we thought our customers deserved more consistency from us in this area.

So we sat down and made the decision to employ local brand agency Spring to assist us.  They came into our business over the course of many weeks and sat with our staff to see who we were, what we did and how we did it.  They then spoke privately to many of our customers about what they like about us and what makes them use us.

When the information was relayed to us we were very flattered to hear all the positive comments from  our customers.  And the recurring theme when asked why our clients use us was surprisingly simple and something we sort of take for granted.  It was that “They always get the job done, whatever we throw at them and whenever we need it”

This was great.  As a company we work really hard to promote a ‘can do’ culture working together as one team and these comments reinforced this, about our agility in managing our customer’s demands.

The agency went away to process this and when they came back they had honed it down to one idea which was pitched based on the feedback from our customers.  They showed us many images of teamwork and grit with a striking strapline of Through It All.  Immediately we thought yes, that’s exactly who we are and what we enjoy doing for our customers.  We always look to find a way.  We strive to satisfy the customer.

But it wasn’t enough to be about us, so we pondered the strapline further.  On contemplation we soon realised that it could mean many things to many people but with the essence remaining, and that latter part was vitally important.

An urgent collection, a delivery made against all odds or a price we had to meet, we’d go Through It All to get there.  That’s what we do.  On a more personal level maybe winning a gruelling race (we have a lot of sporty types in the office) or just getting through life’s ups and downs, Through It All could apply.  Ultimately though, we believe Through It All is about satisfaction, the end result.  And that is the business we’re in, giving our clients satisfaction.

So we were delighted it could be read on many different and positive levels and proceeded to sign off the strapline.  With an already established logo the colour scheme was changed to reflect us more personally.  The old ‘business blue’ was consigned to Jordon history.

The Through It All strapline now runs through our company, through us as Owners, through our staff and through our carriers as the benchmark of expectation.  Nothing stands in our way of getting the job done.”

So we hope you enjoyed this insight into how the new identity was created and what it means to us.  And with that, we really look forward to going Through It All for you.