You would think in a business like ours on the front line of European trade we would be going out of our way to inform our customers of what they need to do come Brexit.

We see there are still a plethora of Brexit conferences being held as well as high profile consultants discussing (and being paid handsomely for it) the implications of Brexit.

Our position is that in the twisting and turning political discussions about Brexit we feel we should only advise once we know the facts. As it stands no-one has hard facts about what a post-Brexit relationship with the EU will be.

We are primed for the occasion with some very informed people on hand to pass down the relevant information for our customers when the green light shows. We have our own Brexit expert here that is eagerly awaiting to relay information when the time comes.

The one thing that we can suggest shippers should look into is how quickly you can get your shipments data (origin, amount, weight, value, etc) out of your in-house system. Where, or if, it may be required (the grapevine says likely) is still anyone’s guess but that’s all we can really suggest for the time being if you feel like being pro-active.

Of course if we are heading for a no-deal there will be some serious implications to supply chains but as stated, we’re not jumping the gun – we live in hope!

Businesses should however already considered there is always a chance of a no-deal and have prepared contingency plans.

So carry on watching the news and make your own assessments daily, of course that is if you’re not all Brexited out already.

Stay tuned