Working with one of the country’s premier providers of event structures sees Jordon pulling out all the stops to deliver what often seems like the impossible.

Jordon director, Roddy Forster explains: “Our client provides structures to some of the world’s most prestigious sporting and cultural events including Wimbledon, The Ryder Cup, Glastonbury and the ATP Word Tour. This means there’s no room for error. Having won the contract three years ago our role is to ensure that all structures arrive on time, including those inevitable last-minute requests on a Friday night, requiring a weekend delivery. Having got everything to the event on time, we’re then responsible for their return to the UK.”

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Adopting a flexible asset-light business model enables Jordon to deliver 11th hour consignments and generally retain the same price for a European delivery as if it was booked a week in advance or just one hour in advance, providing massive competitive edge.

“For example, if structures need picking up in Paris, we find the nearest available empty trailers, rather than having to pass on charges for empty mileage running. Working in this way, combined with our investment in market intelligence and price benchmarking, we absolutely know the most cost-effective way of moving a load,” continues Roddy.

The company’s network of carefully selected, quality approved European hauliers is key to the contract’s success. “We’ve invested heavily to ensure our network offers the same logistics expertise as we do. Our commitment to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, ensures quality of service across all aspects of our business, ensuring from our client’s perspective it’s a seamless operation and Jordon all the way.

“The contract works on trust from both sides; we plan properly and are committed to covering as many bases as possible ahead of time. Relationships like this simply can’t be bought from a freight exchange or an online platform,” adds Roddy.

Communication also plays its part. “Whilst emails are an essential communication tool, for us, the phone is still king. We’re speaking with the senders, receivers and project managers at all the individual events daily to ensure we get the job done.”

Whilst this contract may be fast paced and pressurised, it’s one of Jordon’s most enjoyable. “We love nothing more than completing what our customers deem impossible”.