This is the week we were meant to leave.  This was also the week that it seemed many businesses, ports, HMRC, were not ready.  So thankfully there’s a postponement whilst everyone suddenly gets focused on the reality.  It’s not a matter of deal or no-deal, it’s a matter of can our Government actually agree on anything without a default no-deal.

So interim HMRC have today issued new ro/ro guidelines, making things clearer for us in the event of no-deal.  Upon examination there still, in our view, remains a risk of a poorly executed export function that could, in turn, hamper import capacity.  We will look further into this and seek clarification from HMRC when eventually their phone lines don’t simply point you to their woeful website.

190322_HMRC_RoRo_Toolkit 22-03-2019

190322_HMRC_RoRo_Factsheet 22-03-2019

190322_HMRC_RoRo_Flowcharts 22-03-2019

For the time being, we enclose what we know from HMRC in regards to how the Ro/Ro operation should happen

As usual we will keep you notified of any major developments and be sure to keep in touch through twitter



The Jordon Team