“Today’s global marketplace means that we’re working with clients and partners in countries that in twenty years, have grown into key players,” says Roddy Forster.

“Whilst English is the international business language, in our industry it’s important that the small details are transmitted as effectively as possible.  Often this means communicating in the client or shipper’s native language.

“Our European carrier team has benefited from native German, Slovakian, Polish, Hungarian and French native speakers and recently the team has been joined by colleagues Kasia and Katrina, who bring Latvian, Russian and Lithuanian to the business.

“Having colleagues that are skilled linguists enables us to forge stronger relationships with our carrier partners.  From the outset, strong working relationships have been the bedrock of how we do business, and in this climate of change, it’s even more important. Having a team here with the language skills to bolster relationships and mitigate the chances of important information being miscommunicated is yet another way we’re able to go above and beyond.”