BIFA Anglia region Governors and Chair. Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, second from left

Jordon Director, Jon Swallow, was speaking in Chelmsford recently at the launch of the BIFA Young Forwarder Network. Jon is one of the Governors for the Anglia region and is tasked with other Governors in shaping the Young Forwarder Network, a British International Freight Association (BIFA) initiative to help new apprentices into the industry to become actively involved and gain further education.

Also part of the aim is to understand how to make the industry more attractive to young people. By working with employers, BIFA and apprentice schemes as well as of course the apprentices themselves, the Young Forwarder Network (YFN) hopes to raise the profile of the industry to attract new talent.

Such a vast industry can be intimidating to young entrants and to be able to meet fellow young professionals to obtain a broader understanding of how it all fits together can be a positive experience for the apprentice and a bonus of a well rounded employee for the employer.

In it’s infant stage right now the YFN seeks to listen carefully to the requirements of all involved in order to shape and establish itself over the coming years into a mainstay of the industry.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled