Hello hello, it’s been too long.

With less than 3 months to go, Brexit no-deal limps closer and closer like an extra from the Walking Dead (you know it’s going to eat you when it gets here). I haven’t read the enclosed document fully yet but thought as it’s an official issue we’d put it out for reference material whilst we construct the next ‘who does what’ document.

It’s important to note that all previous information, including our original Brexit advice document, is still valid.


There’s murmurs now about AEO actually being a beneficial thing. It always has been but as a saving grace for fast track it wasn’t, and still isn’t. But it could alleviate some of the other headaches.

So here the document and stay tuned for more information as it happens. Happy reading and any questions please do call me and we’ll endeavor to answer. Together we can do this!

20190812 HMG D1ND RoRo Business Requirements Document v5

Thank you

Jon Swallow