Good morning Viet…er, Europe, all of us together still, thankfully.

So here we go, 10 weeks away from a historic or catastrophic, whichever way you sway, Day 1 No deal (D1ND). As we follow closely for any negotiation breakthrough we must work towards a no-deal scenario as we have done since the beginning. Therefore most information found here is still applicable.

However we thought we’d make a round up of what we know so far. May we stress that even if there is a deal, there will be some form of administration that needs to be done. So this means it’s prudent to work towards no-deal anyway, even if you’ve a sense it may not happen.

Prepare for the worst, hope for the best as they say.

As follows

Radio 4: You & Yours – Getting ready for Brexit (listen to how UK companies are preparing)

Get an EORI number

Apply for TSP (Importers)

Official HMRC Brexit Checklist

7239_EU_Exit_Simplified_Trader_Checklist_one_pager_v12_Access_KJ__2_ (1)

Export Flow Chart (what we know so far with Import Flow Chart to follow)


Additional HMRC information

Sign up for Government alerts (recommended)

Choose the CPC code for your goods

Check your commodity code and duty/VAT rates


We’re finally getting a clearer picture of how it will work, more so than in March. However, as per our article things will be different due to Xmas approaching and warehouses already full.

Our view is there will initially be severe delays at the ports and probably a reduction in capacity as International carriers choose to avoid the problems until they are dealt with.

We recommend that you try and ship as much as early as possible before Brexit and ensure to advise your plans post-Brexit so we can make the necessary arrangements to keep your goods moving through this volatile period.

Our staff are running Brexit workshops each Friday and will be happy to answer any questions you have.

Stay tuned for more bulletins