hello again,

I know it’s getting boring but you’re here and as you are we felt obligated to push out any new information that we come across.

Having just been in our governing body )BIFA) regional meeting they were using a slide I hadn’t seen. Although the information it contains wasn’t really new it did bring it all into a new package for refreshing and checking what you have in place.

May I say that at this meeting of ocean customs experts (not me I hasten to add) there was very little true understanding or agreement of how things will pan out. In particular many of the theoretical processes implemented by HMRC. And these are experts! We of course were looking at the practical aspects.

So as long as you have factored in short term disruption to your supply chain whilst the ‘system’ gets firmed up in real time, we can confidently say, in the end we’ll get there. Our video blog at JordonTV on YouTube will go out in a few days to cover some of the new information trickling out.


In the mean time here’s the document.

customs border and design update

As usual any questions please do not hesitate to contact me


Jon Swallow