Working with a leading events client since 2012, Jordon delivers temporary structures and environments on their behalf to many of the world’s most significant sporting events, including Wimbledon, The Ryder Cup and Glastonbury.

Relying on Jordon’s reputation for precision and planning, over 200 plus consignments were delivered to and from Royal Portrush in Northern Ireland for the UK Golf Open in July this year. What’s more, the championship golf course confirmed the service provided by Jordon was the best it had ever received from a logistics provider.

Jordon’s sales director, Roddy Forster, explains: “We go the extra mile for each one of our clients. But this particular contract relied on absolutely everything going to plan. With structures and consignments delivered from four original points of origin each component needed to arrive at the tournament in Northern Ireland as per the pre-agreed watertight schedule. With the structures needing to be erected in a precise order, there was no room for error or manoeuvre.”

Teamwork played a pivotal role in the success of the project, and Jordon worked with a single client contact throughout the process to ensure continuity throughout. Roddy continues: “Following the hectic run-up to the tournament, things didn’t stop there for us. At the end of the event, our job was then to export 109 consignments. Some were returned to our client’s storage facilities, while others were sent on for future events, including golf tournaments at both Gleneagles and Wentworth.”

Delighted with Jordon’s management of the project, the client’s planning manager adds: “Coordination was key for our on-site team to move from installation to installation. Not only did Jordon get everything to site on time but, critically, in the order they were required. Going above and beyond is how Jordon does business and is why they’re our logistics specialists.”