As Jordon’s Brexit co-ordinator, September and October have been busy months for Jon, as he undertook three key interviews, discussing with the media the ramifications of leaving the EU without a deal and the readiness of the industry to meet the challenges of the new landscape.

Chatting with BBC Newsnight’s economics editor Ben Chu, Jon explained how the government’s website, which is where everyone is directed to, is not sufficiently clear or helpful, especially in a looming no deal scenario. Believing that companies will require significant handholding pre and post-Brexit, Jon said in the interview: “Lots of hauliers and drivers will not be willing to come to the UK, and we will very quickly see a capacity crunch. This will quickly result in an escalation of prices, which was the case when a dry run of day one of Brexit was put into play at the end of March.”

To see Jon’s interviews visit BBC Newsnight and ITV Anglia News.

Jordon has also produced a video series discussing Brexit preparations; the first three cover Brexit essentials, UK to EU export flow and EU to UK import flow respectively. There is also expert guidance on Raising a commercial invoice and Choosing a commodity code, as well as two light-hearted vlogs addressing the challenges around Road freight.

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