Here at Jordon, the future is all about combining the skills of our people and with game-changing technologies. To this end, we’ve been keeping a close eye on everything that’s been happening in the world of logistics software, and we’re delighted to announce a partnership with US-based pioneers, Project 44.

Jon Swallow explains: “Managing assets rather than owning them enables us to offer our clients flexibility, more attractive pricing, a reduced carbon footprint and greater availability. However, until now, the gap we’ve been unable to bridge has been full visibility. Transport companies with fixed fleets generally have a single GPS stream to monitor. Potentially we have hundreds to stream, and understandably carriers don’t want us to track every truck they own. Our investment in Project 44 brings everyone’s GPS systems into one place.”

Jon continues: “We’ve been working with Amazon monitoring the system’s capabilities and believe our decision to invest in this technology is a significant development for both our customers and Jordon going forward.

“As we move to data driven decisions, we’re confident Project 44 will become the common tool for customers and carriers, providing full visibility from the start to finish of a consignment’s journey. Geofencing technology will enable us to track, in real-time, the precise minute cargo will arrive. What’s more, emailed way point checks enroute can be provided if required and waiting labour can instantly be deployed elsewhere in advance if shipments are delayed.”

Jon adds: “Remaining true to our business values, we will still be keeping everything personal, because that’s what we do. Project 44 gives us that bigger picture, which in turn allows us to offer greater efficiencies, and enables us to focus on making our service to clients even better.”

Implementing Project 44 and digitalising our operations will require a different way of working which we, understandably, are unable to adjust to mid-Brexit. However, we look forward to introducing you to our game-changing technology very soon.