The Centre For European Reform (CER) this week published a paper detailing what vwe could expect from a Boris Johnson deal Free Trade Agreement (FTA).


As has been discussed recently in some of the more important parts of our vlogs, an FTA is not a Customs Union as some people seem to think.  An FTA is designed for trade but not for transport.  What we mean with regards to transport is it’s not the much required frictionless state we currently enjoy, because it still needs customs formalities.

Therefore one can assume the obstacles that we have been trying to avoid in a no-deal scenario are still going to exist.

However, if one can devise a system for a no-deal such as TSP we’re optimistic that something can be written for the unique EU-UK FTA scenario.

What that could be is anyones guess (and probably doesn’t exist right now) but we need to ensure we have time to look at ways to do this and ensure that it is a staged process, unlike a catastrophic day 1 switchover, which in any capacity was always deemed to fail.

Stay tuned over the coming months as we monitor developments on all fronts.